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Smoke Alarm Installation in Glasgow

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Smoke Alarm Installation Glasgow

Securing your home with the right safety measures is key to protecting you and your family from hazards and health risks.

Did you know smoke alarm policies are changing in Scotland? Glasgow tradespeople can supply and fit smoke alarms across your household for your first line of defence from fire and smoke hazards

The government recently announced new smoke and fire alarm standards which are due to come into force across Scotland. These policies and changes will be coming into force in February 2022. Its crucial that you secure your home and protect it with smoke alarm installation Glasgow.

To keep yourself updated with the latest standard and measures, visit the Scottish government website for further information about these changes and how they will be implemented.

Our smoke alarm installation service has been carefully revised and put together to meet official guidelines whilst supplying peace of mind protecting your home from smoke and fire hazards.

How Is Smoke Alarm Installation Changing?

The new guidance and legislation being issues by the government is going to lead to a range of different ways through which smoke alarm installation will be changing.

Some of the main ways through which the rules are changing are as follows:

One smoke alarm installed in the room which is often used for living purposes e.g living room.

There needs to be at least one smoke alarm installed in communal areas on each floor of a multi storey building. These areas could include areas such as the hallway or the landing.

All homes will be covered under this new legislation.

There also needs to be at least one smoke alarm installed in every kitchen.

Every alarm should be firmly fitted to the ceiling of the property and interlinked to ensure they can work in multiple locations.

Properties which also have a gas supply should be fitted with at least one carbon monoxide alarm to help the household from carbon monoxide leaks.

These points are the main ways through which smoke alarm installation is being changed around Scotland. One of the main reasons and influencing factors behind this change has been incidents such as Grenfell tower. This tragic incident has clearly highlighted the need for better and more updated fire safety standards in order to protect people across the country from fire hazards.

In order to facilitate these measures coming into place, it is up to homeowners and landlords to secure their properties with these updated alarm measures. If you are a homeowner or landlord we can quickly equip your property with the right alarms and technology to ensure that it is protected from fire and smoke hazards in line with the new standards and policies being issued.

Protecting Your Home With Glasgow Tradespeople

We are specialists in sourcing a variety of materials for homes across Glasgow. Our smoke alarm installation service can be arranged quickly and effectively with everything being taken care of from start to finish.

We can offer you a range of different smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for your property. Once you have received a quote that you are happy with we can arrange for installation to take place on a suitable date.

Protecting your home is crucial as fire damage as well as the health hazard that smoke can cause simply cannot be overlooked.

Old or outdated smoke alarms may be more likely to malfunction or simply not work at all. If you haven’t replaced your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms in a while, then it may be well worth considering using our services.

In addition to adding smoke alarms to your property, we can also offer you a range of other associated services such as: insurance repairs, home restoration service, property maintenance and chimney and fireplace services.

How Can I Benefit From Your Services?

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy as a result of using our professional services.

With our smoke alarm installation service, you can have your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed with minimal disruption and a fast turnaround.

We can supply you with several free quotes for our services.

All of our tradespeople are experienced within the property industry.

We can provide services for homeowners and landlords across Glasgow in a range of properties from flats to homes.

Other Services We Provide

Browse our website to see our full range of services and find a tradesman to complete the job you have in mind.

Glasgow Tradespeople source and quote contractors for specialist services including:

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