Wet rooms are the newest trend in the UK for property owners, and it’s easy to see why. However, designing or remodelling your wet room isn’t always the simplest task. From modern to traditional to more stylish tones, there are endless options.


For this reason, we will go through the best wet room ideas available today making sure to stay elegant and to choose a design that doesn’t date.


Of course, there are pros and cons to having a wet room. But these are the best ideas you can have that will seriously enhance the space.


To find out more about each design, be sure to read until the end. With so many stunning wet room ideas to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Plan a Slatted Floor

One of the best ways to go about with a wet room is to plan a slatted floor. This is a great way in which you can keep your floor stylish. It is simply because it will have a vintage look and feel while being elegant.


Add a Contrast in Wood

There are many ways that you can make your wet room more stylish too. For example, adding contrast in wood makes for an interesting feature wall and gives the impression of being more spacious. It also adds some warmth to the space and makes it feel more homely. 

bathroom design

A design in Marble Will Make it Stylish

Marble is a beautiful stone that can be used for many purposes. Marble provides a stylish way to keep your wet room looking great. 

Design your Wet Room Tall and Bright

Designing your wet room to be tall and bright will make it not only stylish but also safe. Tall and bright rooms are more efficient in their use of water and energy than long and narrow spaces. 

bright wet roomInclude a Mosaic

When working with a mosaic tile, it is important to identify the type of tile you are using. This will determine what kind of grout should be used for your mosaic. For example, if you are using glass tiles, the grout should be cement-based since glass is not porous. If you are using ceramic or marble tiles, use latex-based grout which will not only make it easier to clean but also last longer.


Choose Classic Mint Shades for a Stylish Look

A wet room is the latest home improvement trend for bathrooms and they represent a modern and stylish alternative to the traditional bathroom. Designing the floor of the wet room with class mind shades will typically add a unique yet exotic look.


Be Minimalist to Get a Stylish Wet Room

The wet room ideas are a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer a minimalist design with a mix of modern and antique furniture pieces to make the room less clinical, while others may want to go all out with luxury fixtures and furnishings. We recommend keeping it minimalist and neutral for a more sophisticated touch.

Consider a Glass Panel

One of the great wet room ideas is to combine the comfort of home with the versatility of fashion. A wet room panel can be purchased to provide practicality within the space. The panels come in a variety of materials and designs that complement the look and feel of your bathroom.


Add a Marble Seat to the Shower Area

Marble seats are a great way to add a classy touch to any wet room. It’s possible to get a marble seat specifically for the shower area, which can reduce wet flooring and make it easier for elderlies to have a shower comfortably.


Make Sure to Use All the Available Space

One of the decisions that come with installing a wet room is deciding on the fittings. Choosing the right fitting entirely depends on your personal preference, but it is generally advisable to use all available space to keep your wet room stylish and convenient.


Underfloor Heating is a Great Idea to Keep Your Wet Room Dry

Wet rooms are becoming more and more fashionable by the day. One way to keep a nice feeling inside is to keep it dry and underfloor heating is a great feature, especially in the wintertime.


Change Your Tiles to Different Materials

One way of keeping your wet room stylish is by using tiles made out of different materials. For example, vinyl tiles are great because they are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and of course, look incredibly attractive.


Add Patterns to the Shower Area

Adding patterns to the shower area will keep your space stylish. For example, a mosaic made of tiles doesn’t look plain and, rather, very chic.

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Choose a Different Colour for the Floor

This design principle is a new idea that has been designed to add some more colour and character to your wet room. It will help to disguise any stains on the floor from water spills, soap or even just dirt. Lastly, you can be creative and ultimately design a very classy ambience. 


Add Enough Lighting to Keep Elegant

Lighting can make or break any wet room. If the wrong light is chosen then it’ll look very dull and you won’t get the best out of it. Apart from choosing the right light warmth, it is essential to have enough lighting to make your room stand out and highlight the classy elements inside. 


Don’t Forget an Extraction Fan

If you want some wet room ideas to keep it classy and elegant, you will need to do everything for it to remain clean. For this reason, a high-quality extraction fan will help you have a condensation-free space to avoid the growth of mould. This will also eventually increase your property value.


Think About the Storage

One of the challenges that you may encounter when designing your wet room is storage. You might overlook the significance of storage. The best way to store toiletries is by hanging them up or placing them on shelves that will allow for easy access and a neat appearance. Towels, on the other hand, can be stored on a drying rack or a bar. 

wet room storage

Add Stylish Little Elements

One idea is to use black and white tiling in smaller areas to create an interesting contrast with the colours around the bathtub. Another idea is to use textures on tiling flooring, these can help make your wet room more comforting as well as classy. You may also want to include a mirror in that design if you’re looking for some extra light to make your wet room sophisticated.


Combine Shades for a High Contrast

Combining different shades of blue or pink, for instance, will help to create a nicer space in your wet room making it original and classy. Needless to say, you’ll be making a conversation starter. 


Incorporate a Large Showerhead

Large showerheads are an option for every budget and enable your shower area to look nicer, offering a more sophisticated atmosphere for you to enjoy your private time.

Good Drainage is Essential in a Wet Room

Good drainage is essential in a wet room. They’re also used as a way to conserve water. A wet room relies on ambient runoff such as rainwater or condensation, so it’s important to keep this area free of clogs and leaks.


Select the Right Sanitary Ware

The right sanitary ware can make all the difference to your wet room. Ensure that you install the right kind of items in the right places. Selecting the right sanitary ware will help you create a dry and healthy environment as well adding an elegant touch to your room.


Consider Keeping the Style Industrial

A wet room is a bathroom where the floor and walls are tiled and the shower and bath sit outside of it. If you want to give it an original style, consider an industrial one to avoid your wet room to date over time.


A Patterned Floor Will Make it Stand Out

Having good wet room ideas can make a statement for a modern or traditional home. You will find that there are many different types of flooring that can be installed in wet rooms from ceramic tiles to porcelain, marble, and sealed hardwood. Choosing the right one in addition to the style will make your wet room stand out.

Adding Colourful Lights Will Enhance Its Look

Adding colourful lights is another one of the greatest wet room ideas that will only enhance its beauty. Placing twinkle lights all over the place not only offers you a lovely ambience, but also an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.