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We Know The Best Electricians

Over the years we have established a network of electricians in Glasgow.


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All of the electricians we use ensure the highest level of quality for your project.


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Needing a full rewire or a simple repair? We will exceed your expectations.

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Recommended Electricians in Glasgow – Domestic and Commercial

If you are looking for electricians based in Glasgow but want the highest possible standard of service at the best prices get in touch.

We source tradespeople of the highest possible standard for all services available.

Working with accredited and approved electricians, we provide you with multiple quotes for the job at hand.

Protected under our guarantee you can be assured that your interests are protected.

We have a long track record of sourcing superior electricians for both domestic and commercial properties.

No matter the type of job, we will provide quotes from Glasgow electricians that can handle the project, from a simple case of smoke alarm fittings to the complete rewiring of an entire retail store.

For a selection of 3 no obligation quotes, fill out our contact form at the top of this page.

Electrical Contractors Glasgow

As a trade work price comparison company in Glasgow, we provide quotes from highly skilled electricians across multiple areas of Glasgow for both commercial and domestic properties.

Glasgow Tradespeople provide up to 3 quotes from a number of accredited and approved tradespeople in order to provide our customers with the most suitable contractor for their needs.

Just a few of the areas we cover can be seen below.

Are you in the West End?

If you require an electrician in Glasgow’s West End, contact Glasgow Tradespeople today and we can provide you with a number of competitive quotes.

We will match you with an electrician in Glasgow that will complete the job quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring that the job is done to the highest possible standard.

Emergency Electrician Glasgow

Finding a great electrician in Paisley can often be a challenge, many people prefer to shop around before selecting one. Glasgow Tradespeople can provide you with multiple options. We will source and present highly skilled electricians in Paisley that can handle projects of any size as well as providing emergency repairs.

Glasgow Southside

Find accredited and approved local tradesmen who work all over Glasgow Southside and beyond.

The electricians we quote in Glasgow are covered under our guarantee to ensure that you have peace of mind in the service being provided.

Recommended & Accredited Electricians based in Glasgow

Glasgow Tradespeople quote highly skilled, accredited and approved local tradespeople.

This means that we can supply competitive prices on recommended electricians in Glasgow and the local area.

Glasgow Tradespeople takes care of everything from start to finish.

Simply fill out our contact form and we will then source quotations from the Glasgow electricians in our database and deliver back to you the most competitively priced and suitably skilled electricians for your project.

All work sourced through us is covered by guarantee, so no matter if you’re installing a new kitchen or need major repair work, we will make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Work Can You Undertake?

We can supply skilled electricians who can undertake work such as electrical repairs, appliance installations, and much more.

Why choose Glasgow tradespeople electricians?

Our electricians are highly skilled and experienced. Thanks to the years they have spent in the industry they have developed a broad skillset and are equipped to take on all electrical tasks.

What Benefits Do We Offer?

You can enjoy peace of mind and a well-organised service as a result of using Glasgow tradespeople. Once the work has been agreed our electricians will be straight to work in order to resolve the issue.

Can You Undertake Electrical Repair work on multiple properties?

Yes, we can provide you with multiple quotes and have a number of qualified and experienced tradespeople and electricians ready to work on your properties.

Other Services We Provide

Browse our website to see our full range of services and find a tradesman to complete the job you have in mind.

Glasgow Tradespeople source and quote contractors for specialist services including:

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