Roof repairs remain a priority throughout the year in Scotland because the extreme weather conditions last longer.

Both hot and cold weather conditions can affect our roof, but unlucky for us Scotland is only prone to strong storms, hail, excessive rain and high winds.

All these natural severe weather conditions work hand in hand and cause damage to your roof.

Storms in Scotland are always accompanied by strong winds that go on for days, and our roofs take the most beating in these extreme conditions.

Our roofs are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting our home from those extreme conditions.

Damages occur gradually over time, and we only ever notice the damage when our roof needs a repair.

However, regular maintenance and roof inspection could prevent long term damages and reduce the cost of your roof repairs in the future.


Roof RepairsWind Damage

Older buildings require regular roof repairs, but when it comes to modern buildings, some roofs are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure.

However, strong winds can still damage shingles or tiles and although these roofs are very resilient, they are more vulnerable to wind damage.

Strong winds can easily create negative pressure (suction), or positive pressure (pushing) depending on the shape and the location of your roof.

Excessive Rain

Your roof takes the most beating over those continuous rainy days. Over time moisture can leak and gets into gaps and holes in your roof. Failure to treat the underlying issues could result in expensive roof repairs.

Roofs that are damaged or have cracks in them can quickly cause problems as the water seeps through. If this is not controlled, water damage is likely to happen and you may need a roof replacement.

Snow Damage

Luckily in Scotland, we are not affected by snow as much as other conditions. However, when it snows it stays for a while.

The roof of our home is then subjected to ice and snow for longer periods that can quickly damage our shingles and insulation. Overall the cold weather does more damage to your roof than other types of weather.

How to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs?

The biggest cause of costly roof repairs starts with the damage that is caused to your shingles and tiles. To keep your roof in good shape, you must protect it from Scotland’s extreme weather conditions.

Unfortunately, many roofing materials and practices can be vulnerable to damage in these conditions, but there are things you can do to avoid expensive roof repairs.

  1. By spotting and taking care of any visible moisture issues you can cut down your roof repair costs.
  2. Clean your gutters regularly to avoid interior and exterior water damage. If gutters are blocked up by leaves or other dirt accumulation, then rainwater cannot drain properly.
  3. Check your shingles and tiles for any missing or cracked ones, because you can have them replaced quickly by roofers to prevent further damages that could cost more money.

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