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Electric Heating For Your Home

Electric heating is one of the best forms of heating your home.

When compared with traditional forms of heating such as using gas and oil it has a significant amount of advantages.

We are here to assist you with arranging electrical heating for your home or  existing properties.

We can provide you with some of the most skilled and reliable tradespeople in Glasgow.

Why Electric Storage Heaters Are More Energy Efficient

  • There are a range of different limitations to using traditional heating methods as opposed to electric heating for your home.
  • One of the main limitations to using gas heating to heat your home is costs and bills.
  • Gas central heating can often be extremely expensive as energy companies predict your usage of gas and heating. This means that you can be charged more than you should for the different appliances you are using day to day.
  • Another key limitation of more traditional heating systems is the carbon emissions that they produce. More emissions are produced by older traditional heating systems. This means that they are more damaging to the environment and won’t be good for the local eco -system in the long term.
  • Traditional heating systems are also more unreliable than newer electrical boilers. This is because during cold weather periods or challenging weather conditions , the boiler can deteriorate quickly and eventually break down This can cause a large amount of inconvenience overall.
  • For larger properties traditional heating systems may not be as effective as electrical heating systems.

Need Heating For Your Home?

If you are in need of a new heating system at home or would like to upgrade, we have a range of reliable tradespeople who have the skills and expertise to assist you.

As well as installing conventional heating systems, they can also specialise in the maintenance and installation of electric heating systems and boilers for your home.

We also offer a range of other services for your home such as plumberselectricians and floor layers.

Electric heating systems provide unrivalled performance and reliability to ensure you can enjoy a cosy and warm home for many years to come.

Our boiler and heating specialists have a significant amount of skills and experience at their disposal. They are fully equipped to deal with any issue you may have regarding boilers or heating systems.

Enjoy a smooth and low hassle heating system upgrade process.

Thanks to the skills and expertise that your engineers and tradespeople possess, they are well placed to install the new system into your property and also remove the old one.

Electric Heating

Electric heating is normally powered by electric boilers.

This type of technology is still relatively new.

However it is proving to be extremely popular across Scotland.

Electric heating systems use electricity instead of oil and gas.

This means that in the long term they cost significantly less than alternative forms of heating systems.

As well as offering electrical heating systems, we can also supply you with electricians in Glasgow to help assist you with any other projects you may have.

These are some of the main benefits of using electric heating for your home:

  • Are significantly more eco-friendly than regular boilers and conventional heating systems
  • Offer a more sustainable and affordable form of heating
  • Can provide better quality heating throughout the household
  • Low hassle when compared to older less conventional systems
  • Can be installed quickly into your home
  • Condense your bills and reduce your overall costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters offer a brilliant alternative to more traditional and costly heating systems. Although older storage heaters were less popular than conventional radiators , over the years they have developed significantly and are now far more effective and reliable than they ever were before.

If you need a smaller size heater and don’t rely greatly on central heating , storage heaters could be a brilliant choice for you. Our specialist tradespeople can fit and supply a broad range of storage heaters for your property.

By having a storage heater fitted in your home, you can benefit from:

  • Lower heating costs
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Lowered emissions
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Excellent reliability
  • Can be programmed to schedule times for heating
  • Compact size allows for better use of space
  • Offers remote functionality in some cases

Electric Radiators

Another great appliance which offers superior heating potential is electric radiators.

Electric radiators could make a brilliant addition to your home.

One of the main types of property owners that can benefit from these is those who come from homes with no mains gas connection.

If you do not have gas in your property, electric radiators can offer a better and more efficient heating system for you and your property.

Keep costs low and heating consistent with an advanced electrical radiator.

In some cases these radiators can be programmed and set up via an app on your phone.

As well as being energy efficient, electric radiators are considerably safer than gas central heating.

Electrical radiators are known throughout the heating industry for having excellent safety records and don’t require the use of harmful chemicals or gases.

As well as offering better overall safety, electric radiators are also easy to maintain and have a good record of providing consistent heating and temperature management.

Upgrade Your Heating Today

Upgrading your existing heating system to an electrical system could save you a significant amount of money in heating bills.

You can also enjoy the benefits of having a more eco-friendly system installed to reduce your  carbon footprint.

Our skilled Glasgow tradespeople are ready to install electric heating and boilers throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Why not contact us for a quote or to find out more about this installation service?

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help.

Yes, in most cases an electric heating system is more effective and energy-efficient than a standard regular combi boiler.

At Glasgow tradespeople, we have a significant amount of experience in dealing with heating systems. We have a range of local tradespeople available to quote you for the work that you may require to have an electric heater installed in your property.

Yes, it is highly likely that you can benefit to some degree from having an electric heating system installed. You could enjoy lower energy bills and a more efficient heating system.

Simply contact us for quotes from some of our tradespeople and we can take care of your query.

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