A garage has endless purposes from protecting a car from rain and theft to having a workshop for projects and even as a game room in some cases. Because of all the reasons to have a useful one, remodelling a garage is simply a great idea for practicality, protection, and added value to the property in question.


The garage conversion costs vary depending on factors such as size and materials. These prices range anywhere between £7000 to £20,000 for single garages. But, for double garage conversions, you’re looking at £15,000 and up to £55,000.


That said, there are numerous factors that affect the price of garage conversions and we’ll go through that in this full guide as well as other details to consider before starting.

Why Garage Conversion Costs Vary This Much? 

Before even getting a quote for your garage conversion, you should know why the costs vary so much, and there are many variables that could cost you thousands of pounds. 


First things first, simple operations such as removing or changing a door could cost you as much as £2,000. In addition, flooring and insulation will cost you between £800 and £1,300 each.


Also, converting your garage into a kitchen or bathroom is also considerably more expensive than creating other living rooms or bedrooms. In fact, installing the water pipes, electrical wiring, and even gas if needed, can be very pricey.


With all these factors in mind, it’s important to keep in mind the added value. Let’s elaborate on the factors that affect garage conversion costs.

What Elements Affect the Garage Conversion Cost?

There are numerous factors that affect the overall costs of your garage conversion. To start off, if the garage is separated and located away from the main property might need an additional power supply or plumbing. If converted into a bathroom, you’ll need to consider the possible digging to convey sewage and water.

Apart from that, it is also possible to opt for a house extension and get extra space for a garage for other purposes such as a garage gym conversion. This is usually more expensive but will allow you to add more value to your property and extra space, which is always an advantage.

In this case, it is a significantly more costly option for the renovations involved. Including extra workforces like glazers, plasterers, painters and the extra material, we’re talking about lots of elements and potentially thousands of pounds.

To give you a better idea, a garage conversion will cost between £700 and £1,600 in costly cities such as London or Oxford and the UK’s average cost per square metre is £400. 

Last but certainly not least, the garage conversion per square metre is usually around the following:

  • Average-sized integral garage – £400 to £700 per m²
  • Medium-sized attached garage £750 to £1,000 per m²
  • Medium-sized detached garage £1,000 to £1,600 per m²

garage conversion


How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

Now that we’ve defined the factors that affect the garage conversion, let’s go through the average total costs. To cut it short, the total price of a garage conversion cost ranges between £7000 and £60,000 depending on the size, the difficulty of the project, and the type of room you want to convert it into.


Sure, this might sound like an extremely high price. However, the added value to your house will also be increased and the amount spent is relatively inexpensive if we do the calculations.


Before contacting a professional company, we recommend calculating the added value that your property will get.


garage conversion

Why You Should Convert Your Garage?

Converting your garage can lead to several different outcomes from a spare room to a new kitchen or even a bathroom. Of course, when planning a new utility room such as the latter, costs will increase significantly. But, we highly recommend converting your garage, let us tell you why.


First, it will add significant value to your property. In case you’re planning a sale in the future, you’re going to have more money back. Second of all, you’ll have more usable space and more storage which is certainly an advantage.


Lastly, in case you choose the most expensive option, you will be able to enjoy an extra bathroom, a second kitchen, a game room, or simply more protection for your second car.


Does Turning a Garage Into a Room Add Value?

The short answer is yes, turning a garage into a room adds a lot of value. It is estimated that a garage conversion into a room adds up to 20% value to the property. The type of room that adds value to most is an en-suite bathroom and, despite the costs, you’ll be able to get more return for your money.

Additional Garage Conversion Costs

Other than the obvious factors, there are elements to consider when calculating the final price of the garage conversion.


Garage Flooring

Floating is the cheapest and quickest option, but if you need to level your garage floor, you will also need concrete. The average cost for a single-car or double-car garage is £65-$85 per cubic meter if it’s poured with concrete. On the other hand, the floating floor is typically cheaper.


Garage Door

Installing a new garage door with windows can cost about £1,200. Or, in case you only want an extra door for access it will be on average around £750.


Garage Heating and Water

Water heating is essential in a garage, especially during the winter months. For this reason, it’s probably worth investing in an efficient standard boiler. The regular price for the installation and a new boiler is anywhere from £1,500 to £3000 depending on your location and which brand you choose. 

On the other hand, underfloor heating is also an important feature and the installation costs will set you back around £800 for most garages.


Garage Electricals

No matter the type of garage conversion you’re willing to build, you’re going to need electricity. As a general rule of thumb, electricity in a garage conversion costs about £500. On top of that, you’ll need to consider the labour and materials.

garage conversionLabour Costs for a Garage Conversion

Last but not least, a garage conversion couldn’t take place without labour. Here below you’ll find the average daily prices per tradesperson.


  • Joiner – £150 to £200 per day
  • Plumber – £170 to £220 per day
  • Plasterer – £100 to £150 per day
  • Bricklayer – £150 to £200 per day
  • Electrician – £130 to £160 per day
  • Kitchen Fitter – £130 to £160 per day
  • Window Fitter – £150 to £170 per day


These are general prices and you might need these specialists or not depending on the work that needs to be done and the garage chosen.