If you think grey is a dull colour for a kitchen, you might want to think again. While white has always been the most classical colour for the heart of your home, grey is increasing in popularity. 


Why has a grey kitchen become such a popular choice? Grey kitchen units, cabinets, and assorted grey decor items and accessories bring a certain timeless sophistication to a kitchen. Try a few accents, to begin with, and you might be surprised. Grey is not quite as cold and cheerless as white, nor is it as daring and bold as a black colour scheme, but it brings a certain something to a room. 


Wondering how you might be able to pull off the look of a grey kitchen? Try one of these top 15 grey kitchen ideas to transform your kitchen, add character, elegance, and a splash of individuality.

Mix Up Contemporary Materials

The best way to create a sophisticated look in your grey kitchen is to mix up some available contemporary materials. Combine a range of different materials for your worktops, flooring, and cabinets, and it’ll add interest and reflect the character of your house. 

Matt grey will bring a modern vibe, while worktops made using natural wood will provide a good balance if you’re worried about your kitchen feeling a little stark.


Add Some Brass Detail

Have you ever heard the saying “the devil’s in the detail”? It’s particularly appropriate when it comes to units of a deep grey colour. Edge your units with brass, and it’ll also bring some glamour to this functional room. Copper accents also work very well, helping to bring out any pinky hues in the grey shade you’ve chosen. 

Light-coloured Wood And Grey Is A Match Made In Heaven

Incorporate wood effects or wood to bring a Scandi-feel to your home. Stripped-back woods, for example, are the perfect choice for shelving, dining tables, or flooring. Ash or beech are ideal light-coloured woods and try to avoid staining or varnishing as the natural look is far more reminiscent of the Scandinavian style.

Match Your Shades

If you’re wondering what colour goes with grey kitchen units, consider matching the colour on your walls. It will blend them and also make the room appear much bigger than it is. 

kitchen wall

Pastel With A Backdrop Of Grey

Pastels were a hit at the beginning of the noughties, but they’re currently enjoying a revival. And guess what……..the best colour that goes with pastels such as violet whites, muted greens, peaches, and sherbet oranges is grey. 

Add An Interesting Feature Wall

If you’re worried about the grey becoming overpowering, consider adding some interest with a feature wall. There are some dramatic designs available if you like the idea of wallpaper. However, you need to make sure it mimics your grey kitchen colour scheme because you don’t want it to clash. 

Use Stainless Steel To Echo The Grey

Adding stainless steel is an exciting way of colour matching your grey colour scheme. Surrounding an industrial stainless steel sink, for example, enhances its natural tone. Take things to the next level by adding fittings and taps to match.  

grey kitchen

Mix And Match Finishes And Materials

The use of natural materials is becoming a popular trend, and choosing a grey kitchen provides you with ample opportunities and creative ways to bring raw materials into your home. Natural wood worktops and splashbacks, for example, perfectly partner grey high-gloss units.

For A Pop Of Colour, Go With A Yellow Splash

Grey can be very reminiscent of a cloudy day, but it’s easy to add a splash of colour with a pop of yellow. Yellow is a bright and cheerful choice because it’s so often associated with sunshine.  

Light And Dark Hues Require Delicate Balancing

Dark greys can be sophisticated and stylish, but you will need to balance them up with some lighter shades of grey. “I’m going with dark grey kitchen cabinets, but what colour walls?” we hear you say. Light grey is the perfect complement, and such a muted colour is not going to date.  

dark grey kitchen

Consider Concrete For The Floor

Grey kitchen units but what colour floor is a common dilemma, but the answer could be more straightforward than you think. Have you, for example, ever considered concrete for your kitchen floor? Its natural grey tone can be polished, or you can choose a more affordable option with luxury vinyl. 

What About A More Industrial Look?

Industrial is still a hugely popular style, and you can easily pair your grey kitchen with natural wood, metal, and exposed brick, along with some urban-style accessories. 

Accents Of Green Bring A Natural Vibrancy

Banish any gloom with some natural green accents in the form of some vibrant forest green splashback tiles.  

Make Your Grey Kitchen More Welcoming With Wood

Are you worried that grey will make your kitchen feel clinical and cool? There is a solution, and it comes in the form of wood additions such as an oak worktop or knotted wood floorboards. However, you do have to be careful when matching shades. Luckily for you, natural woods come in a range of different hues, from purple-grey to pale oak or yellow mulberry.  

kitchen design ideas

Are You Looking For Rustic?

Grey is such a flexible colour to use in your kitchen, making you wonder why it took such a long time to catch on. Charcoal grey, for example, gives a room a more modern feel. However, if it’s rustic you’re looking for, French grey is the colour you need. This green-grey shade can feel very soothing, which makes it the perfect match for a rustic kitchen.


When you’re thinking about the design of your grey kitchen, don’t leave anything out. Worktops, walls, flooring, and everything in between have a role to play in the overall colour scheme of your kitchen


One final thought is to carefully consider your kitchen lighting as it can make or break the overall look and feel of such an essential room in your home. With the proper brightness levels, you’ll be able to deliver warmth just when and where you need it.