When it comes to designing a modern kitchen, there are some things that never change regardless of current trends. It must be functional, easy to keep clean, and comfortable. Aside from these aspects, there’s pretty much no limit as to what you can do if you’re thinking about designing or redesigning your kitchen.


Every year, there are a wealth of new ideas, appliances, styles, and clever twists on the traditional. Such constant change can make choosing a design complicated. 


However, to make things a little easier for you, we’ve gathered together some of the most popular modern kitchen ideas. With them all in one place, it’ll make your decision much easier. So, without further ado, here’s our hand-picked list for 2022.

1. Hide Everything from View

Small space living is becoming very popular, which means the whole idea of kitchen design has to be more innovative. One way to free up some space is to conceal specific areas in the kitchen, such as the cooking area. This allows the room to become more of an entertaining area.

small kitchen design

2. Paint the Furniture

Paint can be a very practical choice as it can quickly give your kitchen a new lease of life. Pair painted furniture with more natural materials such as concrete and marble, and you’ll end up with a durable environment that’s classic but at the same time very contemporary.


You don’t have to stick with painting the furniture either. Instead, add a splash of colour to the walls, tiles, cupboard fronts, or the shelving units is very cost-effective, plus it allows you to interject your personality and creativity.

3. Calming Neutrals

The go-to choice for people wanting to create a calming atmosphere is neutral colours such as grey, white, taupe, and ivory. Such colours also provide the perfect opportunity for pairing with tactile materials, for example, stone, rattan, wood, and wicker. Such combinations make the space more warm and serene.

neutral colours for kitchen

4. Be Smart With Your Storage

Storage plays a vital role in any kitchen, and that’s never going to change. What does change, however, is the storage solutions people choose. This year, hidden storage is top of the list for many homeowners. Canopy-style solutions, pocket doors, hanging storage, and much more are now in big demand.


Top of many people’s wish list this year is a pantry. This must-have doesn’t require as much space as you think. A pantry cupboard is an exceedingly good use of space. 

5. Make it Multi-Functional

Things have changed dramatically over the last 18 months or so, thanks mainly to the worldwide pandemic. When it comes to the working environment, more and more people have found themselves working from home and actually liked it.


This has called for a rethink when it comes to kitchen areas. Integrated seating, island units, or extended breakfast bars that can double up as workstations and clever storage have become more essential than ever before. 


6. Layer up the Textures

How much you want to layer is down to you. Add something as small as a pile of wooden chopping boards, or go much bigger with a contrasting island. 


Layering textures provide the perfect opportunity for showcasing your personal style and adding a certain richness to a room.

7. Add Drama With Dark Hues

Dark doesn’t have to mean dingey, and in fact, black kitchens are popping up everywhere. If you want to keep the kitchen space looking fresh, you can do this by keeping the countertops and walls light. Adding copper accents to the cabinets will also brighten up the room.

kitchen design ideas

8. What About Eco-Credentials?

A growing concern for many modern homeowners is sustainability. As a result, there’s been a massive growth in the availability and use of environmentally-friendly materials, with many people choosing to use 100% recycled furniture rather than buying new ones. 


If you don’t want to harm the environment with your kitchen design, look for recycled or imitation materials, laminate solutions, induction hobs, 3-in-1 hot water taps, and dedicated recycling bins in the storage cupboards. 

9. Consider Open Shelving

Open shelving is not a particularly new idea, but it will be more popular over the coming months. People have been spending a lot of time at home, and often at the top of their to-do list is decluttering.

Choose to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen design, and you’ll be forced to declutter, whether you like it or not. But let’s face it, is it such a bad thing to only have the necessities in the kitchen? 

kitchen design

10. Add Some Artwork

It’s not unusual to see artwork in other rooms in the house, but this year is the year to add some to your kitchen. Adding pieces of art, framed portraits, or photographs, is a fun way to showcase your personality. It can also refresh the room without resorting to an expensive makeover.

11. Get Colourful and Include Red

Red is not a colour you’d expect to see in a kitchen, but colourful kitchens are very much on-trend. Colour can be used to enhance mood and create a whole new feeling. Why not experiment with bolder colours? Red, in particular, is elegant, stylish, and comfortable. It also pairs beautifully with grey.

12. Downdraft Extractors

A downdraft extractor removes odours and vapours at the source before they get a chance to saturate the air. In an open-plan kitchen, this is especially important.  

13. Make a Statement With Your Splashbacks and Surfaces

This year, grey and white kitchens are very popular, but people are experimenting with surface and worktop choices. Use different colours to create a striking vibe, or choose mosaic glass tile splashback for extra texture. 


14. Calming Colour Schemes

There is a growing trend for more serene paint choices when it comes to furniture pieces and the walls. You can give your kitchen a new lease of life by introducing calming colour schemes. By this, we mean soft greys, dusky pinks, or sage green.

15. Include Living Room Furnishings

The popularity of open plan living is exploding, and this means that more people are including aspects of their living room in their kitchen. The kitchen is now considered the heart of the home, so why not make it a comfortable, welcoming, and functional space.


Now you know what’s hot in the world of modern kitchen design, there’s no time like the present to get your design cap on and get creating. The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in any home, so give it the love, care, and attention it deserves.