For the vast majority of people, kitchens can be messy and not organised. It’s a space that we use on a daily basis. Also, kitchens are one of the hardest rooms to keep organised. 


You could be storing items in the wrong place, using up too much cabinet space, or not storing items at all. But there are many solutions for organising your small kitchen and it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. 


Here are seven great ways to make your life easier with these simple organisational tricks. 


Why Should You Keep Your Kitchen Organised?

There are many good reasons to maintain a well-organised kitchen at all times. In fact, it will save you time and money. But it will also make it more pleasant to stay at and, therefore, improve your mood. 


After all, the kitchen is an area where you inevitably spend some time during the day. Keeping your kitchen organised will allow you to have everything close to hand and, therefore, make the cooking process nicer.


Lastly, you will want the colours to match your design. These are the best colours for kitchen walls in 2021.


How to Keep a Kitchen Clean and Organised?

First and foremost, make sure that everything has its place in your kitchen. All your pots, pans, and cooking utensils should be stored neatly in the kitchen cupboards and drawers.


You can also store those objects which are less frequently used at the bottom part of kitchen cabinets or drawers, whereas those ones you use more often would be located at the top parts. Cleaning as you go is also a nice habit that you can adapt easily and that will save you hours of your time.


Lastly, organising the cabinet under your sink is key to keeping a kitchen both clean and organised.


How Do You Decide Where to Put Things in Kitchen Cabinets?

There is a certain way to organise and design things in the kitchen cabinet to keep everything clean. To start with, cutlery should be within reach near the sink as it will help when serving food. The same goes for the dishes.


In addition, utensils such as skillets and spatulas should go around the stove to keep it simple to get. Finally, the consumables should go on top, preferably in clear bins to keep everything clean and organised.


Keep Your Fridge Clean Adding Clear Bins

A great way to organise a kitchen is to know where your food is in the fridge and keep it organised. Of course, that makes cooking easier but will also make it more organised and create a more harmonious space. 


Having clear bins and baskets in your fridge will allow you to see all the ingredients that are available at once without having to sift through boxes or packaging. You can even use this as an opportunity to toss out old spices if they’re expired. Also, the fact to declutter If you have a fridge full of items is important as it will give you the inspiration to organise all the clear bins.

organized fridge

Rock a Rolling Cart

Kitchen cabinets and drawers can become very crowded, especially when you have a large family. It becomes almost impossible to find pots and pans or other ingredients that you need quickly.


To solve this problem, invest in a rolling cart that will give your countertops more space and provide easy access to all of your cooking items and appliances. Rolling carts are large enough to hold quite a bit, but usually, only come with one or two shelves so extra storage boxes or bins can be placed on top of them if needed. 


To sum up, rolling carts are a great home idea to keep your things organised and clean in the kitchen.


Reorganise Your Storage

The organisation of a kitchen needs to be thought through and, if you spend some time reorganising it, it can work wonders. Rearrange your cabinets, hang your pots and pans vertically, add wire baskets under your sink, and add adhesives on your cabinet doors. This way, you’ll be able to get more out of your kitchen and it will remain more organised and for longer.

Declutter Your Utensil Drawer

The most used kitchen utensils are usually located in the drawer closest to the stove. But, if you have a cluttered drawer with many items, it’s time for a little decluttering and organizing.

We recommend throwing out any old or broken utensils that may be making your drawer look cluttered. If you still use these utensils even though they’re broken, make sure to put them away where they won’t get stepped on or accidentally thrown into the sink. 


Just like decluttering your fridge, rearranging your utensil drawer will allow you to see it more clearly in your kitchen and get a more organised space for the days to come.

organized kitchen

Expandable Cookware Organiser

Having the right tools to keep your kitchen organised is certainly helpful, and this is where expandable cookware organisers excel.


A cookware organiser can be placed under the cabinet to fill in all of the wasted space that is often overlooked or on the sink for smaller kitchens. It’s one great way to save you time looking for lids or pans. You will find it especially useful if you’re tight on the countertop because this expandable set could maximise kitchen storage space. 


As well as their special design make them sturdy & durable, easy to clean and even dishwasher safe (low temperature). These cookware organisers come in black colour and stainless steel, so they will blend in any type of decor without standing out too much. 


Integrate an Expandable Cabinet Shelf

A kitchen cabinet is a place where we can store numerous things from spice jars to glasses. However, sometimes, after cleaning the kitchen, it can be overwhelming to see how disorganised and messy kitchen cabinets are looking. This problem can be fixed by incorporating an expandable cabinet shelf into your cabinet.


Add an Undershelf Stemware Holder to Your Kitchen Area

When it’s about keeping your kitchen organised, all tools are welcome, and an undershelf stemware holder is a helpful way. Whether you have issues keeping your area arranged or don’t know where to store your glasses, this is a simple improvement that will help keep your kitchen organised and even add functionality to the room.




The kitchen is often the most cluttered area of a house and, when you make small changes to your organisation process, it can create an entirely different space for cooking or entertaining guests. 


In conclusion, these were our top 7 tips for organising your kitchen the right way. We hope you’ve found some new ideas to help tackle your kitchen clutter.