Kitchen hacks are often an essential part of cooking and keeping your home organised and well designed. But, they can also be for those who don’t have the space to store all their appliances. 


You can have a hard time with small kitchens, but there are many ways to make it work for you and find new solutions for your space issue. These hacks will help you get the most out of your kitchen organisation so it’s not too overwhelming. 


With these 23 best small kitchen ideas, you’ll never feel cramped or confined again. 


Use a Roll-up Drain Rack in Your Sink

This practical and functional design trick is one of the best small kitchen ideas. Not only will it save you some storage space, but it will also make sure that your wet dishes don’t cause any mould.


Integrate a Dish Drying Rack in your Cabinets

Dish drying sections are usually small niches in the cabinets, where you can place a dish rack to dry your plates and glasses. If you lack counter space but have enough cabinet space, consider incorporating a dish drying section into them.


Store Consumables Under the Sink

Storing dishwashing soap and other consumables in containers under your sink is a great idea to get more space in your kitchen. This is especially useful during refilling time when you have spare bottle lids left. Use one larger container for general dishwashing needs and other ones for cans and more dry food such as pasta boxes.


Insert a Wire Rack on the Cabinet Doors to Keep Kitchen Utensils

Position a wire rack underneath a lower cabinet shelf or on the cabinet doors for even more storage space. You can also find glass inserts to store them efficiently.


Hang Your Cutting Boards

Instead of leaving your cutting boards around taking space, hang them on the wall and give it a more creative style while having more space. It’s a great way to keep them out of the way and organized.


Stick More Shelves on Your Blank Walls

You can put self-adhesive shelf brackets just about anywhere with no hassle. You’ll be able to maximize your space by installing them on your blank walls and staying more organised too.

shelve design

Add a Rolling Kitchen Cart to Your Small Kitchen

For a kitchen in a smaller space, try using a rolling kitchen cart to store items and consumables. This is a great counter space method but also one of the most organised small kitchen ideas.


Invest in a Pull-out Pantry Drawer

A pull-out pantry drawer makes the best use of a small corner space by fitting easily into one side where it can be accessed from either side and by opening each door halfway.


Become Minimalist

Being minimalist in a small kitchen will greatly help in getting more space available. Only keep what is essential to your daily use and, this way, you’ll have more room to cook or prepare delicious meals.

minimalist design

Hang Your Pans and Pots Vertically

Making use of the vertical space in your kitchen is the best way to make more room for other things. Pots and pans certainly take space and by hanging them vertically, you could use that space for more food, consumables, and more.


Keep the Organisation and Design Classic

If you don’t have much space to play around with, then playing the classic design card is what you need. Classic designs are always in fashion and will make your kitchen look spacious despite having little area. For instance, if the flooring in the kitchen is light-coloured, then dark cabinets will make it look larger than it actually is. 


Organise Your Small Kitchen Vertically

We already mentioned hanging pans and pots vertically above. Organising your kitchen in a vertical way will enable you to free up lots of space. Also, adding knife mounts, pot racks, and even open shelves is a great idea.

kitchen vertically organised

Include a Pull-out Counter Space

Long pull-out counters will make your kitchen appear wider than before and give you more temporary space to cook which is always welcome, especially with guests at home.


Fill The Inside Cabinet Doors

Another smart way to maximise space in your small kitchen is to fill in your cabinet doors. Add adhesive support and fill them with your glasses, cutlery, towels, and more.


Purchase Cabinet Organisers to Store Your Spice Jars

Spice jars are small but they do take some precious space in small kitchens. Adding a cabinet organiser will help your space look cleaner, bigger, and you’ll be able to locate quickly what you’re looking for. 

organised kitchen

Add Storage Under Benches

This is another one of the important small kitchen ideas that will help save more space while not being visible. Investing in storage benches will allow you to get more room in the kitchen, store your pots and pans, clean towels, and more.


Incorporate Wire Baskets Under the Kitchen Sink

Wire baskets are a great way to keep your kitchen organised and save space at the same time. Storing your towels under your sink instead of a bulky towel rack is a smart and affordable solution for small kitchens.


Prefer Light Colours

Choosing light colours over darker shades will allow you to visually expand your kitchen. For instance, painting your kitchen in white or peach colours will make the kitchen more pleasant to look at. In addition, you won’t have that overwhelming feeling that you’ll get with red, dark blue, or other strong hues.

small kitchen ideas

Include a Magnetic Bar

Having a magnetic bar is a great strategy to free up some space in your small kitchen. You can easily get your knives and other cutlery stuck on it allowing you have more space in your drawers and cabinets.


Add Mirror to the Kitchen Walls

Instead of adding more cabinets and counter space to a small kitchen that doesn’t have the square footage, just add mirrors. Mirrors will reflect light and open up dark spaces, not to mention adding tons of style and character to your home while taking up any space.


Add a Moveable Kitchen Bar

This is a great idea for small kitchens as you’ll be able to move your kitchen bar around and save space here and there temporarily.


Expose Your Goods

Exposing your goods may not sound like an elegant way to visually expand the room. However, organising your wine glasses strategically, for instance, allows you to keep them clean, organised, and helps you make more room that can be used to store something else.

kitchen shelves

Folding Doors

Replacing your doors with folding ones allows your kitchen to get additional room while staying clean. When you have guests at home, simply fold your door rather than wasting space with an open door.