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Keeping Your Bathroom In Shape

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Bathrooms are an important part of any property. Sadly in older and newer properties alike they can be the subject of poor maintenance or neglect which can lead to a catalogue of other property issues slowly emerging in other parts of the property. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in the process of keeping your bathroom in shape and discuss the key ways in which this process can be improved and worked on.


Cleaning And Tidying

These two activities may seem simple but they are some of the most common areas that are missed in bathrooms. If a bathroom is not properly maintained and cleaned then it can pose a health hazard as well as potentially leading to damage in other areas of the property. One of the best ways in which you can clear your bathroom is by deep cleaning . Deep cleaning is the process of intensively cleaning a specific area rather than giving a larger area a light clean.

The bath as well as shower , shower curtain and tiles beside the shower should be your main areas of focus when you are working on maintaining a clean and well kept bathroom.  These areas normally become affected by grease and limescale. Therefore , deep cleaning is required once every few days in order to ensure that the bathroom is kept clean and in good working order.

If limescale and grease is left untreated then this can lead to the bath area and shower becoming slippy and also unhygienic. There are numerous guides and sources of information online to refer to in relation to guidance on the best ways to clean the bath effectively. Some of the most basic things you can do to ensure you are successful are as follows:

  1. Equip yourself with some rubber gloves to protect your hands
  2. Fill up a bucket with cleaning liquid and hot water
  3. Use a damp cloth or scrubber in order to loosen grease and dirt 
  4. Start at a certain point and work your way up and down the surface in a timed and coordinated manner
  5. Use more than one cloth in order to ensure that different parts of the bat and shower are cleaned effectively and to a high standard 

Key Bathroom Tips

There are also further tips which you should take into consideration if you are trying to maintain and clean your bathroom effectively.  One of the key tips that we can give you is to make sure the bathroom is well ventilated. Making sure that the bathroom is well ventilated is absolutely essential. This is because failing to keep the bathroom well ventilated can lead to mould and condensation building up within your property. Both of these problems can be extremely damaging and could lead to costly insurance repairs being required on your property. 

One of the most common issues that plumbers deal with on bathrooms is water leaking from an upstairs bathroom into a room or property below. This is a serious problem which can endanger people and lead to further structural damage. One of the ways in which you can prevent water from leaking in your bathroom is having a shower curtain. 

These curtains help to keep the water within the bath and prevent build up of -damp or wet patches within the corners or flooring of the bathroom. Another control measure you can implement to prevent this issue is by having your bathtub replaced or re-sealed. Often older bathtubs can develop small cracks or holes which can lead to water draining into other parts of the room and eventually between cracks underneath the floor. 

Damp towels in a bathroom are another health hazard and an area where damp and bacteria can thrive. Consider investing in a towel rail or heated towel rail in order to ensure that towels are dried and not left lying on the floor or in an area which is exposed to damp often. 

Improving Your Bathroom

After establishing the basics of ensuring that your bathroom is kept clean and in good working order , you may well wish to consider improving your bathroom by making some upgrades to it. One of the best ways through which you can improve your bathroom is by having it re-tiled.

If you are living in an older property , having your bathroom re-tiled is an excellent way to improve the durability of your bathroom as well as potentially improving the overall design and look of the bathroom. Tiles are highly resilient and an excellent material for your bathroom. If you do choose to consider this option , you may wish to also consider replacing the shower unit and bath if they are growing old or are in need of replacement.

You may also wish to consider purchasing an air purifier and dehumidifier. This particular piece of technology can be used to help purify the air and improve the overall quality in the air. This is well worth considering if you have a small or confined bathroom which does not ventilate well. You will find that after using a dehumidifier the air quality is vastly improved and the risk of damp and condensation will be greatly reduced. 

Another key way in which your bathroom can be maintained is by efficient cleaning. As we have mentioned earlier in this post , cleaning your bathroom well is key in order to ensure that it is kept in a good overall condition. Ensure that you keep the area tidy by keeping miscellaneous toiletries in assigned areas and have set places for items. 

To conclude it is clear that maintaining your bathroom is an important part of ensuring your property is kept in good shape. Bathrooms are a key part of any home and require periodic maintenance and cleaning in order to be kept in good overall condition for many years to come.  Taking time to maintain your bathroom takes some time and effort but doing a small amount of maintenance regularly ensures that its kept in top condition for many more years to come.