With so many people living in small apartments or homes, it comes with no surprise that they want to make the most of their space. Here are nine tips for making the best use out of tiny bathrooms. 

Stick to a Limited colour Palette

If you want to make your small bathroom look bigger, try sticking with a tight colour palette. A great way to achieve this is by doing one wall in the same colour as the trim. On the other hand, if you do decide to paint all walls of the same colour as the furniture, it will create a visual effect and visually expand your space.

white bathroom

Try to Mix Different Materials

Your choice of material to use in bathroom design can make all the difference. More than just a question of style, it can be about function and ease of clean up, even size issues. Apart from that, it will add variety and make the area look bigger.

Be Minimalist and Keep Only Products You Love

Small bathroom design doesn’t mean you don’t have the luxury of organizing the space. You can start by decluttering and keeping only products that you love to maintain a luxurious look at the same time with the small room available. 

bathroom products

Find Deep Storage

​A well-designed small bathroom can be comfortable and functional. It’s important to think about every element in your bathroom, including storage. Deep storage will give you room for towels, extra toilet paper and beauty supplies.

Get Your Hands on Space-Savers

Small bathrooms need to have a very thoughtful design in order to maintain their functionality and aesthetics simultaneously. The secret for this is to make use of space-savers items that will at the same time add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom while making the best out of what little space you have available.


Incorporate Cabinets Inside the Wall

This is a simple and inexpensive way to solve the problem of small space in the bathroom which could be applied easily. Incorporating cabinets inside the wall will give your bathroom a more modern look as well as the opportunity to hide your storage to gain more space.

Prefer a Big Mirror

A bathroom with a big mirror is an effective design to increase the size of your small bathroom. A big mirror will indeed make your bathroom look bigger and will take almost no additional space.

Add Good Lighting

The lighting system can affect the mood of your bathroom. Place a wall light above the mirror and below the shelf. This way, you get more light for doing your make up or shaving as well as making it more pleasant to stay at.

small bathroom

Rethink your Curtain Situation

When it comes to small bathroom design, hanging curtains higher is one of the most tried and tested solutions. One of the most efficient ways is to hang them near the ceiling to make your room seem bigger. If you feel that the ceiling of your bathroom is too low, just attach it to the ceiling and enjoy a more open space.

Use Tiles to Your Advantage

Using tiles is a great way to add features and appeal to small bathrooms. With so many colours, styles, and patterns, it’s easy to find the right tile for any small bathroom, no matter what your style is. 

Keep Your Colours Light and Bright

In a small bathroom, you want to keep your colours light and bright. Darker colours can make your small bathroom look smaller and we do not recommend them. A lighter colour will also reflect the light from windows and fixtures better than darker ones do.

small bathroom

Use a Glass Shower Door

If you have a small bathroom, then you know that it can be very difficult to fit everything in there especially if your bathroom is lacking an adequate amount of natural light. Changing the door on your typical shower enclosure can help make a huge difference as far as improving the look of your bathroom and making it feel larger than it is.

Add Lighting Behind the Mirror

If you are planning to redo your small bathroom, you will want to consider adding lighting behind the mirror. This is easily done with electrical outlets near the ceiling and lights above each sink. 

small bathroom ideas

Keep the Floor Clear

A cluttered floor can make a small bathroom look smaller than it is. A great way to help your bathroom appear bigger and brighter is by keeping the floor clear of excess clutter. You’ll see an immediate difference.

Choose a Patterned Floor

If you are looking for an elegant to make your small bathroom look bigger, consider having a patterned floor.  This is one of the best small bathroom design ideas that will help make your bathroom appear larger in addition to giving it an added touch of style. Patterns in tiles or stones will break up the monotony that generally occurs with plain flooring.

Extend Bathroom Tile Into the Shower

When you have a small bathroom, the best way to visually expand it is to make use of every available space in your bathroom. One way to do this is by extending tile all around and even into your shower. It’s really easy to do with ceramic or stone tile and you’ll notice that you feel having more space.

bathroom with shelves

Add Shelf in the Shower

Use a shelf in your shower to store your hair products, shampoos, soaps and all beauty products. This way, you will have the items that you need right there when you shower and won’t have them around taking space.

Consider Getting a New Sink

A great way to improve a small bathroom look is by changing the sink. Many people have a pedestal sink in their bathroom because it’s so cheap and easy to install, but they don’t realize that this is one of the most significant things that can be done for your bathroom design.

Go for a Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are easily installed in small bathrooms. It is because you don’t have to deal with the long pipes connected to a floor or wall-mounted sink. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space compared to other designs.

bathroom sink

Move Your Towel Bar

Not all bathroom designs benefit from having a towel bar directly over the toilet. But if you have the space, try adding one to your small bathroom design for convenience and style.

Get Creative With Storage

For every room in the house, storage is important and bathrooms are no exception. People often use their bathrooms to keep things they don’t want to display on shelves or surfaces – hair products, lotions, make-up and more. A well-designed bathroom will incorporate storage solutions for all of these items without making it feel cluttered or crowded is the key to success.

Get Yourself a Ladder for Towels

One of the things that you can do in order to make your small bathroom more functional is to add a ladder for towels. You can build it yourself in just a few simple steps or purchase it for a few pounds.

Innovate Your Small Bathroom With Colourful Lights

The use of colours is believed to give out so many great effects, which could influence how well your design works. This kind of approach would not only simply lighten up your small bathroom, but also help to make it look more spacious. Your choice of colours must also be kept minimal and elegant, which is known to work wonderfully well with modern-style and small bathrooms.

bathroom lights

Extend the Sink Area

If you have a small bathroom design, one of the easiest ways to make it work is by extending the sink surfaces. By adding floating shelves underneath, you can create more space for getting ready in the morning.

25 Choose an Original Wallpaper

Your bathroom is the place where you have your most private moments in front of the mirror. So, it should be decorated in a way that makes the person relaxed and in an upbeat mood while there. An original yet creative wallpaper will make your small bathroom more classy and bigger. 


Use Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets exist to simplify our lives and the small bathroom is no exception. Adding a bin under the sink not only helps to keep the floor clean but also makes reaching for things so much easier. They come in all shapes and sizes to let your creativity flow – not just for the bathroom – but anywhere you have a storage problem.

Work Around Your Windows

If you are designing a small bathroom, you need to apply some tricks. The first thing that you should do is to add space around your windows. Windows are important for natural lighting and can create stunning views but they can also help to free up some space in the bathroom, and this is why you should use them wisely.

window in the bathroom

Build a Skylight

If you’re designing or building a new bathroom with little space available, having a skylight is a great feature to make it visually bigger as well as add a unique touch to your space.

Choose Compact Elements

Having compact elements rather than bigger ones will certainly help to keep your small bathroom liveable and more pleasant when using it.

Change Your Bathroom Accessories

Updating your accessories in the bathroom will give you a more cosy feeling and will give you creativity to keep your space clean and, therefore, make it look larger.


Include a Shower Bench in your Small Bathroom

A bench is not outdated and will allow you to give a unique touch to your shower as well as a relaxing feeling. Also, if you have enough space, adding a floating shelf inside the shower will add even more elegance.