The key to designing a bathroom is simplicity. Simplicity makes it easy for people to focus on what you want them to see and do, rather than getting overwhelmed with the complexity of an overly designed space. The design process can be broken down into two steps – creating your vision and executing your vision.

But there is so much happening design-wise behind the curtains and we’ll go through the best expert tips to design a bathroom the right way.

Only Keep Items that You Love

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you can’t always be happy. But there are still ways you can design the perfect wet room. One that is functional, attractive, and reflects your personal taste. Consider keeping only what you really love and come up with the best bathroom you’ve ever had.

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Keep Your Design Simple

Your bathrooms should be relatively uncluttered and unclothed so that one’s primary focus will be on the essentials, such as the toilet and shower or tub.

But if you do want to add a little style with towels or artwork, keep them subtle and simple so they don’t detract from the function of the space.

Lighting is Essential

Lighting is a big part of a bathroom. You don’t want to turn the light on whenever, but it’s also important for your safety and to make sure you can actually see what you’re doing.

You also need to take into account the brightness of your natural light as well as the darkness of your room when deciding how bright you need your bathroom to be. In fact, lots of lighting in the bathroom will visually expand its size.

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Plan According to Your Design

In order to have a successful design, you need to plan ahead and know what’s important to you. Planning keeping into consideration the size, the lighting, and the finishes will make you come up with the best bathroom for you.

Choose Materials That Will Be Easy to Clean

The materials you choose for your bathroom should be easy to clean. You want to think about what surface materials you will have in your bathroom-will it be tiles, marble, or vinyl, for instance. There are tons of options that are easy to clean and won’t ruin your day when you get home from work and notice a spill on the floor.


Avoid Dramatic Contrasts

To get the best bathroom design, you should avoid dramatic contrasts when designing it. A bathroom mostly requires a soothing ambience to make it feel like home, and any jarring or harsh elements should be avoided for this reason.

Have a Concrete Budget in Place

Having a concrete budget in place is crucial for the success of your project. Before you begin to plan out your bathroom, it’s important to know what you can afford. Take into consideration all aspects of designing the space – the tile, the fixtures, the sink, and everything else that goes along with it. It’s good to go into your project knowing what kind of costs are involved in creating and executing your dream bathroom plan.

Consider a Fixed Shower Panel

Shower panels are great for small bathrooms. They can take up less space than a bathtub and offer the same luxury, without the steep price tag. It’s also worth considering a fixed shower panel that won’t take up valuable space in your bathroom.


Be Strategic with Mirror Placement

Playing the strategy card with your mirror will make it more pleasant to stay at. When placing a mirror in front of a window or the light to make it reflect the space and ultimately get more visual space.

Choose Smaller Decorative Details

Small decorative details can often be overlooked, but they’re the details that really make your home special. When it comes to bathrooms, you should consider smaller decorative options, for instance, wallpaper with smaller details or small decorative shelves. These are the small things that will stand out more than anything else in the space.

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Consider Going for Nature-Inspired Accents

A bathroom is a place for personal relaxation and rejuvenation, which means it can be an opportunity to add some personality. Going for nature-inspired accents allows you to give the room your unique touch while creating a spa-like atmosphere with faux greenery or pieces that resemble natural elements such as stones and shells.

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Consider Oversized Mirrors

An oversized mirror is a great addition to your bathroom in any design style. Oversized mirrors are ideal in the centre of the room. But you can also place them over sinks, around doors, or on walls to create more linear movement throughout your space.

Choose a Bathroom Design that Doesn’t Age

Choosing a bathroom design that doesn’t age is essential to keep the atmosphere enjoyable. When it comes to bathroom design, the trend of the moment is sleek and minimalistic with white being the dominant colour scheme. If you are looking for something timeless, this may be your best bet.

Add Personal Touches

People could add personal touches to their bathrooms. It’s the little things like flowers, candles, and bath salts that can make your bathroom feel like a serene retreat. Another way you can put your own touch on the space is by adding some framed photos or artwork to the walls. You might also want to consider changing out your shower curtain or toilet seat cover for something more fun if this is the design you want to incorporate.

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Keep It Cool and Clean

One of several ways to keep your bathroom clean is to embrace bright, natural light in the room with a large window or skylight. Another is to use white or neutral colours that won’t get dirty or show stains from water splashes. Keep it simple with a few modern pieces of furniture and choose high-quality fixtures for durability and aesthetics.

Use the Same Tile Colour and Pattern for the Walls and Floor

There are many benefits to using the same tile colour in your bathroom. One of the most well-known advantages is that it’s easier to clean when you only have one type of material on the floor and walls. However, there are also other bonuses, like long-lasting patterns and styles, which make this a great idea to consider.

Create Storage Niches When Possible

In order to maximize space in your bathroom, you should create storage niches when possible. This means installing shelves and cabinets that will hold towels, extra toiletries, and other items that can be placed on them or above them to free up counter space or floor space.

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Cut Down on Furniture

Designing a bathroom may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you start, it can be an enjoyable experience. One of the most important aspects is deciding on the furniture you actually need. The most common way to do this is by figuring out which rooms need to access or pass through the room. From there, it’s easy to figure out which furniture makes sense for you and what people will be using the space most.